My name is Meron Aleas. Starting this blog came as a sudden idea to me. It is not something I have been thinking about for a while nor did I spend a lot of time in preparation. As I do my daily Bible readings, I found myself journaling and writing down notes, explanations and meditations of our fathers and our saints. It is my intention to post articles in this blog derived from my daily journals. My articles will also include notes taken from sermons and summaries created from the words of our fathers. Most of these orthodox sermons are in Arabic, and summarizing them in articles in this blog will hopefully make the words of our fathers accessible to more people who might not speak Arabic.

Although the articles will include some of my own words and writings, I will many times reference the words of our fathers. Some of the articles will be translations/summaries of Arabic sermons. Credit and links to the original sermons will always be given as it is never my intention to write their words as mine. 

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