The Silent Pope

Today is the commemoration of Abba Kyrillos the Sixth, the 116th Pope of Alexandria. To honor his name, below are some  beautiful words of wisdom by Pope Kyrillos. The sources of the quotes are from books regarding the life and miracles of Saint Pope Kyrillos the Sixth. 

“Rest assured and do not think too much about any matter. Leave it to God who is in control. Have you known anyone who has trusted in God and was let down? Heaven forbid.”

“Prayer can do all things, for it moves the Hand that manages the whole universe.”

“If you happen to fall into temptation, do not let the guilt of sin be an obstacle to prayer. If you cease praying till you repent, you will never repent, for prayer is the door to genuine repentance.”

“When fasting, you should fast both in body and heart; abstaining from meat, gossip and slander…The fasting tongue is better than the fasting stomach, and when the heart abstains from wrath, that is better than both.”

“I prayed for a pure heart, it took me a long time and a hard struggle to discover that prayer itself is the only road to a pure heart.”

“Prayer is the storage of grace and backbone of blessings, it controls anger and conquers the spirit.”

“How needful the human being is of service of the spirit, in an age where materialism, atheism, apostasy and deviant intellectual trends prevail. How needful people are to see Christ in our lives and to smell His sweet fragrance in us. There is, upon the Church, a critical duty at this juncture through which the world is passing today. It is upon her to advocate faith in hearts, to spread virtue, to bring peace and serenity into every weary soul, so that tranquility might abound and well-being might be plentiful. For the message of Lord Christ is the guarantee of virtuous life for mankind: “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly” (John 10:10); the chaste, pure, peaceful, calm and effective life which forms good, fruitful citizens and active members of the Church, who know how to be ever faithful to God, their homeland and the worldwide human community, co-operating with everyone, in a spirit of synergy, brotherhood and selflessness.”

 “There are no bad days and good days, but there are days of prayer and days without prayer. Those without prayer are empty and void because they have been filled with our desires and lusts.”

“Be not slothful about going to Church, especially on Sunday. Do not remain in bed saying it is a day to rest and be lazy. Is it not more worthy to treat your Lord as you would one of your friends? Be not slothful.”

“Everything in your life should have order and discipline because our God is a God of order and discipline. When this is so there will be blessings and grace.”

“Do not reflect too much on the affairs of life. Do not worry about anything. Cast your burdens upon the Lord, and He shall sustain you.”

“As you care for your body you should care for your soul. It is your duty to do so.”

“Begin fighting against old habits to eliminate them one by one. Start a war against lying, fight against oaths [swearing], drive out slander and so on, one by one until you conquer, by the grace of Jesus, all bad habits and become a new man.”

May his prayers and blessings be with us.

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