How to Read the Bible

The Bible is not just any book. The character of the Bible is our Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible consist of many valuable stories, teachings, prophets, prophecies, epistles etc. When reading the Bible we are spending time with God himself. We are speaking and listening to the author of the Bible. Therefore we need to start by praying and asking God to understand his message, and ask Him to help us receive His invitation.

When reading any chapter or verse in the Bible, we have to try and find our own personal message. Ask yourself, where am I in this chapter? What is the word of God telling me as I read the passage? Can I relate to any of the characters? Have I committed any of the bad things that are written, or have I done any of the good things that are in the verses? Am I following a certain commandment, or breaking another? Do I catch a certain promise from the Bible and do I feel that I gained a precious stone from my readings? When we read the Bible, we are trying to find our personal message and fortune within the Bible. 

It is also important to memorize some of the verses. We should not read the Bible quickly, but we have to stop ourselves and create a dialogue with God as we read. We need to ask God to help us do what we read, or to help us refrain from doing what we should not do. When we do not understand certain passages we must ask God to give us the wisdom to know what to do concerning the verses we are reading.

Finally, we can also compare the stories of the Bible and share them with others in a Bible study. Give people you love verses from the Bible and voice the Bible out into your daily life and daily routine.

– From a Sermon of Father Daoud Lamei 

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