Accept Hardships with Joy

Whenever you face any problem, ask yourself how can I benefit from this issue? God allows hardships through his wisdom for our benefit and edification. Many times our personal hardships are not just for our own benefit, but for those around us. A child for example might learn from the issues his parents are facing. Likewise, a parent might get closer to God and grow spiritually when their child is suffering. When people are sick, not only do they learn patience, but those around them that take care of them learn patience as well. 

Compassion is another great lesson to learn and accept with joy when there is trouble. Without difficulties people would not learn to care for each other and to love one another. Many times trouble will also reduce our attachment to the world and its pleasures; trouble will help you slow down and realize what is truly important to do on earth, so that we may reach salvation. When we are afflicted, we also experience humility and humbleness; virtues that are highly valued by God. 

Those who are persecuted and in trouble; will gain a valuable reward. Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven (Matt. 5:10). Although the Kingdom of Heaven is the most wonderful and best reward ever, God also generously rewards here on earth. God recompensed Abraham with great wealth after he had to leave his country and home. He recompensed Joseph with great power and wealth after he was sold as a slave. Even the persecution of Christians and the early church eventually led to the growth of Christianity all over the world; and those killed gained martyrdom and are now saints. 

Teach yourself to run to God as soon as you face hardships. Leave all that you are doing and pray. Do not run to your phone. When we have any issues, the first thing we tend to do is either text or call someone. Or we try to research the problem online, especially during sickness. Let your hands grab your Bible instantly instead of grabbing your phone.

Accept problems with a positive outlook, and with the knowledge that God will interfere. Have faithful expectations that whatever you are facing will be solved by God and/or turned into something for your good. Be also patient. Once you have left your issue with the Almighty, do not expect instant results, but be patient that God knows the best timing for your solution. Do not let your problems take you down, or lead you into sinful behavior. Seek for the positives at all times and finally, be thankful and happy. “Consider it all joy, my brothers and sisters, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance” (James 1:2).

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One thought on “Accept Hardships with Joy

  1. وَأَمَّا مُنْتَظِرُو الرَّبِّ فَيُجَدِّدُونَ قُوَّةً. يَرْفَعُونَ أَجْنِحَةً كَالنُّسُورِ. يَرْكُضُونَ وَلاَ يَتْعَبُونَ. يَمْشُونَ وَلاَ يُعْيُونَ.
    سفر إشعياء (40 :31)


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