Thank God

  1. Thank God first thing when you open up your eyes in the Morning

The first thing that should come out of our mouth in the morning when we open our eyes should be praise and thanksgiving to God. A simple “thank you God” right when wake up, while still in bed, can mean the difference between a good or bad day. We have a lot to thank for right when we wake up in the morning. Thank God for the new day, the sun coming up, the rest you received, your body that has been re-energized etc. We have to make an effort to not grab our phones first thing in the morning. Checking our messages, and social media first thing in the morning will take away our peace, while spending the first minutes of your day with God will do the opposite.

  1. Thank God whenever you eat and drink

Thank God before every meal and after every meal. We are very blessed with all the food we have, while there are many people in this world struggling with hunger.

  1. Thank God for every person you see in front of you

This might be a bit more difficult as some people you meet or see you might not like. It is easy to thank God for your family, wife, children etc. But it is important to also be thankful for every stranger or person you might not like because God has put every individual in your life for a reason. Also, thank God for opportunities you have to help others. When you meet a person in need, it is an opportunity for you to help, which in itself is reason to thank God. Thank God for all that love you but also for the ones that do not love you.

  1. Thank God for your physical movement

God gives us the strength and energy to move our bodies. To walk, run, work, exercise etc. This is a tremendous blessing and we must thank God for it every day. It is also a great blessing that we can move our bodies without constant pains or aches. Thank God for your ability to leave the house, run errands, travel etc. Many of us might have realized how much we took the ability to leave our houses for granted during the COVID-19 pandemic. We must however always remember, and pray for those who struggle with physical movement.

  1. Thank God for every conversation

Although using the phone too much is not recommended, it is a beautiful exercise to thank God after every conversation or text message. If the conversation is positive, and makes you happy, you must thank God for it. If the conversation was negative, then you still want to thank God and the situation will most likely be fixed.

  1. Thank God for the pain and suffering

This might be more difficult, but it has a special meaning. Our physical or mental pain will eventually translate to a benefit for us whether on this earth or in heaven and therefore being thankful for it is important. Our Lord says “narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.” (Matt. 7:14). Times of suffering lead to a closer relationship with God, which is something to be extremely thankful for. Thanking God while you are suffering, purifies the heart, in preparation for heaven.

  1. Thank God for spiritual activities

Thank God when you get the chance to engage in spiritual activists. Whether that is prayer, going to church, obtaining Holy communion, serving, Bible study, listening to a sermon etc.

  1. Thank God instead of thinking about unnecessary matters or worries

Thanking God is better than letting your brain wonder. Most of the time our mind wonders to nonsense matters, and daydreaming. Many times we find that our thoughts consume us, and we worry unnecessarily. We overwork our brains. If we can change these useless thoughts into prayer and thanksgiving, we will benefit greatly. Saint Paul teaches us “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God” (Phil. 4:6). Instead of being anxious, if we put our thoughts in prayer, we will benefit and relax. It is better to thank God, then to think and worry.

– From a Sermon of Father Daoud Lamei

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