Seeking Treasure

In the house of the righteous is much treasure: but in the revenues of the wicked is trouble. (Proverbs 15:6)

Where righteousness is riches are, and the comforts of them: In the house of the righteous is much treasure. Religion teaches men to be diligent, temperate, and just, and by these means, ordinarily, the estate is increased. But that is not all: God blesses the habitation of the just, and that blessing makes rich without trouble. Or, if there be not much of this world’s goods, yet where there is grace there is true treasure; and those who have but little, if they have a heart to be therewith content, and to enjoy the comfort of that little, it is enough; it is all riches. The righteous perhaps are not themselves enriched, but there is treasure in their house, a blessing in store, which their children after them may reap the benefit of. A wicked worldly man is only for having his belly filled with those treasures, his own sensual appetite gratified (Ps. xvii. 14); but a righteous man’s first care is for his soul and then for his seed, to have treasure in his heart and then in his house, which his relations and those about him may have the benefit of. Where wickedness is, though there may be riches, yet there is vexation of spirit with them: In the revenues of the wicked, the great incomes they have, there is trouble; for there is guilt and a curse; there is pride and passion, and envy and contention; and those are troublesome lusts, which rob them of the joy of their revenues and make them troublesome to their neighbors.

– From Matthew Henrey’s Commentary on the Old Testament – Proverbs 15

Being righteous, or fearing the Lord, or living according to the commandments are all ways to achieve riches. As described above in the explanation of the proverb, the house of the righteous has treasure! Don’t we all want treasure? Don’t we all want to be rich? The answer to that is most likely yes, but in understanding what type of riches we are seeking lies the difference between righteousness and wickedness. Although being monetary rich, or “worldly rich” is not wrong, and God has blessed many of his saints in such manner, the true riches we must seek must be that of the soul. Our sensual appetites are usually our main concern in this world when we should be focussing more on the treasures of our hearts.

If we be righteous, and we live according to the will of God, we will get riches. These riches might be monetary, or they may be grace and comfort of heart even while having little in this world. The ultimate goal however is to store up treasures in heaven by our good deeds and righteousness.

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