“Do you fast? Then feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, visit the sick, do not forget the imprisoned, have pity on the tortured, comfort those who grieve and who weep, be merciful, humble, kind, calm, patient, sympathetic, forgiving, reverent, truthful and pious, so that God might accept your fasting and might plentifully grant you the fruits of repentance.”

– Saint John Chrysostom

As mid-lent is upon us, let us reflect on the importance of fasting and on the following points by Pope Shenouda III, his prayers be with us. 

  1. The motive of fasting is spiritual – not an obligation, for praise, or out of custom. 
  2. Fasting is a period if penitence and purity of heart – lead a holy life, confess your sins, and partake in the Holy sacraments.
  3. Fasting is a period of spiritual nourishment – use the spiritual media available and do not focus on the food only.

Devote three things to God: your heart, your thoughts, and your will. During a fast, we are in need of seriousness and spirituality and should not pursue the matter in a routine and careless manner. Fasting is not just a set of formalities or an ordinance by the church. It is a blessing given to us by God and organized by the Church for our spiritual benefit. 

One thought on “Mid-Lent

  1. قال مار اسحق صوم اللسان خير من صوم الفم. وصوم القلب عن الشهوات خير من صوم الاثنين أي خير من صوم اللسان ومن صوم الفم كليهما


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