A Healthy Spirit

Care for the health of your spirit more than you care for the health of your body. Don’t show compassion toward your body while your spirit perishes. Your spirit is a heavenly element. It is what gives life to the body. If you take care of it, it can elevate the body to a high spiritual condition. You will then resemble an earthly angel. Are you careful in giving your spirit its nourishment a few times a day like your body meals or do you neglect it so that it weakens? If you fall, it is because you have no resistance from within or any immunity just like any disease attacks an entire town, the strong are able to withstand while the weak fall. Grow your immunity by attending spiritual meetings, have spiritual friends, read spiritual readings, and have a spiritual atmosphere that surrounds you on every side, along with your spiritual father and his advice and guidance. 

Pope Shenouda, III

Pope Shenouda’s words of wisdom teach us that  “life is more than meat, and the body more than raiment” (Matthew 6:25). Of course we cannot live without food and clothing, but they are inferior to the importance of the nourishment of the soul. If we take care of our spiritual needs, which are more important than our bodily needs, we can leave it to God to provide for us food and clothing. God guards us from all evil, and will always supply us with the good things we need. Therefore let us trust God for food and raiment, and ease our cares of them, especially during the holy days of lent. 

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