How To Benefit From Holy Week

  1. Our behavior inside and outside the Church – During passion week the behavior inside the church is somber, solemn and all concentrating on the suffering of Jesus. We must make sure our demeanor outside of church is the same during that week as well. 
  2. Retreat – Spend more time with Jesus, seek solitude and stay away from the usual idle discussions and entertainments. 
  3. Follow the Steps of Christ – Meditate on the events of the week, considering in depth what Jesus went through. 
  4. Share in the “Fellowship of His Suffering” – Saint Paul said, “That I may know Him and the power if His resurrection, and the fellowship of His suffering, being conformed to His death” (Philippians 3:10) – In order for Christ to live in us, we must carry our cross and follow Him. If we have a cross in our lives, we must not complain about it. 
  5. Asceticism – Fasting and refraining from pampering the body and giving it all that it desires.
  6. Spiritual Readings – read the appropriate readings and Bible Chapters every day of the Holy Week. 
  7. Hymns – Hymns guide the thoughts towards a spiritual direction. 
  8. Prayer – Pray the paschal prayers.
  9. Confession and Communion – We must sit with ourselves and remember our sins and realize they are the cause of our Lord’s crucifixion. 
  10. Spiritual Storage – Let us learn from Holy Week and build upon our spiritual storage for the year to come.

  • Summary and contemplations from The Way From Jerusalem to Golgotha by Father Bishoy Kamel and Pascha by St. Athanasius Coptic Orthodox Church of Los Angeles, CA

One thought on “How To Benefit From Holy Week

  1. المسيحي الحقيقي يجب ان يكرس الصوم الاربعيني وبالاخص اسبوع الالام في التامل بصلبوت المسيح والامه وموته وقيامته . وبالفداء العظيم لنا 🙏🏼


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