Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here, but He is risen” (Luke 24: 5-6) 

Our Lord’s passion began at night; when he hung on the cross the sun was darkened; he was laid in the grave in the dusk of the evening; but he arose from the grave when the sun was near rising, for he is the bright and morning Star (Rev. xxii. 16), the true Light. When he died, the earth that received him, shook for fear; now that he arose, the earth that resigned him, leaped for joy in his exaltation.

Matthew Henry

The news of Christ rising from the dead was a source of immense joy for the disciples, but alarmed the Jewish leaders. As painful as it was to see Christ on the Cross suffering on Friday, Sunday brought with it exuberant happiness as Christ opened the gates of paradise for us. God fulfilled the promise of His resurrection which gives us comfort, power, and joy.  The cross became a glorious crown instead of a symbol of suffering, giving us believers hope for eternal life with Christ.

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