Do Not Worry

Control your mind from worrying thoughts and stop it instantly once it wonders to worrisome thinking. Do not let your mind wonder to what could or would happen.

Control your fear. When you feel fear creeping up, banish this fear with prayer and do not let thoughts of fear continue.

Do not repeat worrying thoughts over your tongue, over and over again. Stop this circle.

Use arrow prayers to fight worry and fear instantly. Say them loud and often and they will enter your mind and calm your heart.

1. God is here, all is for the good, this too will end soon

2. God loves me a lot, God is very strong, God knows everything

3. God who took care of yesterday, will take care of tomorrow. God wants all to be saved. The Lord is my portion.

4. Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.

5. God come to my assistance, Lord make haste to help me.

– From a Sermon of Father Daoud Lamei

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