The Assumption

We can learn many beautiful virtues from our Mother Mary on this blessed Feast of the Assumption. Her love, compassion, patience and faith are unrivaled. Through her constant intercession on our behalf, we are filled with comfort and daily peace. Our Mother Mary’s obedience is an important concept that we should admire and learn from.

Our Mother Mary’s positive obedience, was a key element in us receiving salvation through her Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Because of Saint Mary’s faith, and her selfless submittal to God’s will, we have been saved.

Her freely willed agreement with the Divine Plan announced by the angel was a fundamental and necessary condition of the union of God and man in Christ. The Incarnation was not only the work of the Father, of His power and His spirit; it was also the work of the will and faith of the Virgin.” (St. Mary in the Orthodox Concept)

Therefore when our Orthodox Church honors the “Mother of God” it is not just because God chose her but also because she herself chose submission to the will of God.

I am the handmaiden of the Lord, let it be according to Your word” (Luke 1:35-38).

On this blessed Feast of the Assumption, let us pray to Mary, our mother, to sustain us in moments of darkness, difficulty and apparent defeat.

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