Inner Peace Guidelines

Do not procrastinate…

1. Do not procrastinate repenting. Ask forgiveness from God and people. Repentance is the key to peace.

2. Do not procrastinate saying sorry. Apologizing is extremely important.

3. Do not procrastinate love. By a call to someone, or a message or showing your care.

Do Procrastinate…

1. Procrastinate thinking about negative things, or worrying. When you are overly worried about something, procrastinate for a bit to regain your peace and know that your problem is in the hands of God.

2. Procrastinate your immediate reaction if you are angry.

3. Procrastinate the unimportant things. Especially when you are busy. Do what is important first.


1. Believe that God loves you truly no matter what happens and what you do.

2. Believe that God forgives you, but repent.

3. Believe that all is for the good.


1. Expect that God will fix it.

2. Expect good. Do not be negative. Always expect positivity.

3. Expect that others can change, and that you can change. Expect that everything can be fixed.


1. Live a life of love towards God and People.

2. Love people with patience and with forgiveness.

3. love yourself, but not above God or others.

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