Put God First

Dear Lord you are first. I do not think twice, but put you first above everything in my life. Your commandments come first and foremost before people’s request. Help me lord to make my obedience to men be in the bounds of my obedience to you, and steer me away from anything that contradicts your will. Help me Lord come out of the “self” circle, and care about others in a spiritual way from the depth of my heart, reaching high levels of sacrifice. Lord my first concern of the day is to start my day with you, in prayer, reading and contemplation. My first talk is for you, and every work that I do, I put you first. Help me trample on sin Lord, putting you above all worldly desires and above all earthly pleasure. Lord you are the priority in my life, and prayer and service are my main concern. Help me as I navigate my days, making you my primary concern, never living separate or away from you. My day oh Lord begins and ends with you, as your first commandment teaches us to love you with all our heart, and with all our soul, and with all our mind.

  • Prayer from unknown source

One thought on “Put God First

  1. المخرج من الجافي حلاوه والذي سد افواه الاسود والمنقذ الفتيه الثلاث من اتون النار ‏ الإله الذي عبده اباؤنا ابراهيم وإسحق ويعقوب يكون معك ومع اكناتيوس وايريني كل ايام حياتكم تكونون مباركين ويتبارك كل من حولكم 🙏🏼


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