A Blessed Harvest

Mary became the field who received the grain of wheat in her womb. This grain of wheat is Jesus Christ our Lord, who gives life to the world.” – St. Ephrem the Syrian

On the blessed day of May 15, we intercede to our mother for the blessing of the crops. Back in the day, agriculture and harvesting crops was a very important part of life. Intercessions and request were submitted to Mother Mary requesting a fruitful harvest. This might seem irrelevant to our current daily lives, but seeking continuous intercession for our daily affairs, will never be irrelevant. 

Saint Mary’s roles as intercessor began at the wedding in Cana, when she asked Jesus Christ to save the newly-weds from embarrassment when their wine was running out. Since then, Saint Mary accompanies us through our lives, continuously praying for us and asking for our salvation. 

Let everyone who has mouth and tongue and word call Mary blessed, who is worthy of blessings; blessed is she who was the blessed field in which the ear of the corn grew, the source of joy; blessed is she who was the chariot and her knees were the wheels, and in her womb of flesh she bore the Saviour of the world, may her prayer assist us.” – Qolo of Monday’s Lilio 1st Watch

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