The Source of Strength

God is the source of strength. Any strength that is not from God is vain strength and will vanish. A spiritual person receives his strength from God as the psalmist says “The Lord is my strength and my song” (Ps. 118:14). Strength from God must be asked for through prayer, and will be received through faith in God’s grace. Faith gives a person strength because all things are possible to him who believes.

We keep our spiritual strength by keeping God’s word firm to our hearts and by listening to his commandments. Our Lord will give us strength and shame from sin, if we remain humble and pure of heart. A pure heart is a heart that rises above the desires of the world. A devoted heart is a strong heart, and no desire will overcome it and nothing will make it fear.

– Meditations from “The Spiritual Man” by Pope Shenouda III, his prayers be with us

One thought on “The Source of Strength

  1. ما اجمل تاملات العظيم في البطاركة المحبوب البابا شنوده الثالث 🙏🏼


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